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German Sweets is the export association of the German confectionery industry and was founded in 1977 in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. As a committed partner, German Sweets supports its member companies in all matters relating to export and sales promotion in international markets. Today around 100 medium-sized companies are opening up the international market together with German Sweets through pioneering spirit, flexibility, and innovative product ideas.

For over 40 years German Sweets has worked in close cooperation with the Association of the German Confectionary Industry BDSI. In addition, German Sweets is also a member of the Export Association for Food and Agriproducts GEFA and is therefore in close contact with all export sectors of the German agricultural and food industry.

Export development since the German Sweets' foundation

The German Sweets' range of services include:
  • Consultation and assistance in setting up and expanding export trade
  • Joint company stands at national and international trade fairs
  • Regular newsletters including the latest export news
  • Current information on markets and trade fairs
  • Trade fair and market research as well as study trips
  • Confectionery-specific market reports on interesting export markets
  • Provision and maintenance of a global importer database
  • Newsletter to global importers and retailers including information about our members‘ new products and trade fair presence
  • Exchange of experiences on questions concerning export in regional export rounds
  • Display of all member companies at selected international trade fairs and in public
  • Implementation of workshops on the Euopean food trade
  • Implementation of workshops on export and clearing
  • Correspondence course on customs law distance for food economics
  • Monthly extra edition of LP International

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