Sweet Treats at Christmas Time


At no time of the year does as much snacking occur in Germany as during the Christmas season. Scores of families turn to baking biscuits and most living rooms frequently feature plates of traditional products such as gingerbread, Printen, Stollen, marzipan, chocolates or nuts are particularly coveted treats.

But not only in Germany can no one resist the allure of these seasonal treats. More and more people abroad are also enjoying German sweet treats.

A real export hit are chocolate St. Nicholas figurines and Santas from Germany, which enjoy great popularity around the world during the festive season and in the run-up to Christmas.

According to figures from the German Confectionery Industry Association BDSI, around 169 million chocolate Santas and St. Nicholas figurines were produced in Germany in 2022. Around 60 million of these embarked on another journey to bring joy to people. In the process, the chocolate Santas traveled not only to neighboring European countries, but also to the UK, the USA, Canada, Eastern Europe, Australia and New Zealand, among other places.

International wholesalers can find sweets for every occasion in our official buyers' guide, the Sweets Export Guide, which also includes many Christmas products. More product news from manufacturers also awaits you in our Product and Trade Fair Newsletter!

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