White Confectionery for White Day in East Asia


Today, March 14th, marks exactly one month since Valentine’s Day. But today also marks a kind of second Valentine’s Day, known as White Day, that is widely celebrated in East Asia. On Valentine’s Day, it is men who are often the recipients of traditional gifts in East Asia. But on White Day, the tables are turned and men are obliged to return the favour and give gifts to women. And the best way to do this is by giving gifts that are worth two or three times more than a woman’s gift received in the previous month.

In Japan, White Day is considered one of the most important holidays alongside Christmas and Valentine’s Day, especially for the confectionery industry. As the name suggests, White Day is traditionally about gifting white confectionery, especially marshmallows and white chocolate. White confectionery is therefore always in hot demand on White Day.

In our hearts, however, white chocolate is always a chocolate favourite!

Are you also interested in white confectionery for White Day? Then take a look at our Sweets Export Guide where you will find both white and multi-coloured confectionery on offer. As an importer, you can also register here to become part of our network and snap up our exclusive opportunities.

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