World Chocolate Day: A Celebration of Sweet Seduction and Culinary Diversity


Today, July 7, 2023, marks World Chocolate Day, an occasion that delights chocolate lovers around the world. On this day, everything revolves around the sweet temptation.

The origin of the day goes back to the beginning of chocolate enjoyment in Europe. On July 7, 1550, Dominican monks are said to have presented their new Mayan chocolate drink to the Spanish court. They had previously discovered it on a journey to the New World.

Today, we enjoy cocoa and chocolate goods in countless variations and flavors - from classic chocolates and chocolate bars to chocolate cakes, ice cream and drinks.

Chocolate Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the joy and variety of delicious chocolate. Whether dark or milk chocolate, caramel or hazelnut, on this day we take time to enjoy some delicious chocolate and indulge in its irresistible taste.

Importers of cocoa and chocolate goods can find a selection of German chocolate manufacturers in our online Sweets Export Guide. You can also expect more products and confectionery news from manufacturers three times a year in our Product and Trade Fair Newsletter.

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