Snack variety at the Oktoberfest

Traditionally, tomorrow on the 18th of September it would have been that time again: ‘O'Zapft is!’. With that, the first beer barrel at the Oktoberfest would have been tapped (in German O’zapft) and the traditional festival ceremoniously opened.

Typically, the world's largest folk festival lasts for two weeks and attracts over 6 million visitors. They celebrate in almost 40 beer tents or on attractions such as a chain carousel or other rides.

Every year, visitors also set new records in the consumption of beer and delicious snacks. After all, in addition to the traditional ‘Maß’ beer, culinary classics are not to be missed. However, salty snacks like pretzels, nutsand co. as well as sweet nibbles like roasted almonds, candyfloss and gingerbread are also very popular.

Even though, due to the pandemic, we have to do without the Oktoberfest in Munich this year, this beautiful tradition can also be cultivated at home. Especially with the large selection of sweet and savoury snacks from our members, every private Oktoberfest becomes perfect. So let yourself get inspired by the products in our Sweets Export Guide now. You can also expect more products and confectionery news from the manufacturers in our Product and Trade Fair Newsletter.

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